Montana Poised To Expand Medicaid Under Obamacare

I am sure that for many, this must be a bittersweet victory two years in the making, how many got sicker or perhaps passed away because of an accidental political misstep that wasn’t allowed a do-over? If nothing else is gained from the Affordable Care Act, at least we, as a nation, can thank our President for expanding much needed health care insurance coverage to as many poverty stricken and struggling working families as possible, within the limits determined by the Supreme Court and the Republican governors and their state’s legislators discretion of course. However I garner hope from the fact that as each month goes by and more and more people are reaping the benefits of having their annual well care visit covered, the annual ob/gyn visit covered and getting the  help and support from doctors and nurses in terms of preventative medical care and diagnostic medicine, that many will be living healthier lives. Moreover come June when the Supreme Court hands down their latest decision regarding the constitutionality of the federal goevrnment subsidies for federal health care exchanges as opposed to only state run exchanges, however they rule, will impact millions of health care consumers and those voices will most certainly not appreciate the Republican Party’s hand in the matter. I, for one, hope that eventually, when every ruling has been made and all of the kinks and inconsistencies have been ironed out, that upon some serious reflection, we will come to realize that the most common sense and economical approach to health care insurance coverage, is a single payer system simply because we as a society and as a self-governing body fundamentally believe that health care is a right and not the privilege that should be supported only by those who are lucky enough to be employed; just the cost savings for business alone would make a difference in our economy and why the Republican Party, the so called party of business, doesn’t see that is beyond me. It may not happen by the end of the next President’s term, but I am confident that it will happen eventually.

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