Toughening Up Hillary

When I think of Hillary Clinton, the words that come to my mind are intelligent, courageous, fantastic mother, compassionate, caring, ambittious, driven, methodical, workaholic, indefatigable; a cluster of words that most people would deem impressive. As a progressive, I would love to have her debate Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the topics that are close to my heart; student loan debt, the public education crisis and the finance industry in its entirety. My main concern is that Hillary Clinton is to the right of President Obama and that is a little too right for me. We as a nation deparately need to swing to the left, because every nudge rightward wrecks havoc on the average working family, I will conceed that on social issues we have tilted to the left over the past twenty years, but economically it has been a steadfast shift to the right and we can no longer afford it. The tax burden that funds this nation has been dumped on the 99% and we are sinking because of it; we need to get corporate America and the 1% back in the game, to contribute their fair share and to stop riding our coat tails. The reason why I want to subject Hillary Clinton to a robust primary challenge from the left is because I want her to answer for and explain her thoughts on the policies that bear former President Bill Clinton’s signature such as NAFTA, welfare reform, the repeal of Glass-Steagal and the Futures and Commodities Modernization Act; these four policies significantly changed American lives for the worst and I would like to hear her views on these vital matters. In light of what is going on with the TPP and the TPPIP treaties, Hillary’s values and opinions regarding NAFTA and the lessons learned are extremely relevant and we need to hear about them now because I have a feeling that the TPP and the TPPIP treaties may not get fast tracked, not if I have anything to say about it and from the number of petitions that I have signed, neither are any of the progressive action groups. So do I want Hillary Clinton for president? Yes but not before she fully understands that her first priority is to the average American, not Wall Street or the big banks or the military industrial complex for that matter, just us your average American plain and simple.

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