Obama: Elizabeth Warren Is Simply Wrong On TPP

I completely disagree with President Obama in this case; why, is it because of the text within the treaty? That is impossible to know because it is being held in secret from us and that is why I disagree with our President over the TPP, a treaty should never be this secretive. I dislike the idea that corporations are negotiating for more protections, more tax breaks and more guarantees, while we are denied proper representation at that table. The American people as a whole were badly burned by NAFTA and I would think that our President would be more sensitive to that. I agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren, the TPP is a horrible treaty, and we need to know more about what is in it before it can be fast tracked. If I were in charge, I would instead be focused on entering into FAIR trade agreements which would incorporate environmental and humanitarian issues at the very start. The difference between free trade and fair trade lies in the area of tariffs and Paul Krugman has written extensively about the TPP, arguing that in reality tariffs are at an all-time low and there is really no need for these treaties, they are relics of the past. The real heart of the treaty lies in the legal framework that corporations are trying to set up in order to guarantee not only profits, but also protections from national laws and consumer protests. Our country should not sign away our sovereign right to protect our citizens from predatory corporations. We are lucky that Elizabeth Warren isn’t alone in her fight, she is joined by Alan Grayson, Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders and  Mister Levin and I am hoping that they will be enough to derail Fast Track. I am sorry President Obama, but I can’t stand with you on this issue.

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