Supreme Court Throws Out Obamacare Contraception Ruling

Since the Supreme Court believes that corporations are “people”, replete with rights to free speech, religious beliefs and exemptions honoring those beliefs; so therefore by extension, corporations should be held liable for murder, fraud, robbery and a host of other criminal activity that should be able to land the board of directors in prison. The veil separating business from all and any liability should be taken down once and for all since the Supreme Court has decided that corporations are entities that have constitutional rights and the right to act on a belief system that some would argue is simply a mythology. I, for one, am sick and tired of having a political party that thinks that my body should be open to government intrusion and to know that we have a Supreme Court that thinks that not only is okay for an employer to determine my access to reproductive health services because the employer’s religious beliefs trump my health needs and concerns, but their corproate “feelings” are deemed constitutional makes me sick to my soul. It has upended my vision and my understanding of what separation between church and state means. Now having said that, I have a solution to this appalling set of circumstances and it is a solution that every progressive would stand behind, Medicare for All, take the employer out of the equation and let us adopt a single payer system where we would fund it the same way we find ways to fund our military, our congress’s salaries, the billions in tax breaks to Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Gas and Big Agriculture. We are not poor, we are really wealthy as a country, we are just poorly informed when it comes to the choices and priorities we assign to what we do with our taxpayer dollars and who we hold to fairly contribute to our society. 

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