Bernie Sanders To Launch Presidential Campaign

I am very excited to have Senator Sanders in the presidential race. I applaud his fiestiness, his individuality and his indefatigable support and passion for the working people of the United States. Yes I would be thrilled to have a female President, but I would want a President, who very clearly and fundamentally believes that the past forty years have been an orchestrated throwback to the era of huge income inequality and social inequality and my potential President would do everything in their power to change that inequality at a structural level. I feel that Senator Sanders understands completely what needs to be done to course correct our nation and its economic trajectory away from this imbalance of both political power and economic power. President Obama accomplished a lot, but when he spoke about the force for change, he left out quite a bit such as seeking justice for the American worker because quite frankly there hasn’t been a drop to be seen from the great trickle down republican experiment; instead in reality it has been a very blatant case of the siphoning off from the wealth and productivity of the working class that has been perpetuated by the 1% and Sentor Sanders speaks out loudly about this issue. Bernie Sanders also speaks about Medicare for All, taking the health insurance coverage away from the employer’s hands and handing it over to the public commons where it aught to be, in line with national security and in sync with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a right and not a privilege. Senator Sanders also calls attention the sacred nature of the public commons when he demand that we do more about funding and fixing our crumbling infrastructure and by doing so he highlights the various ways that corporate America and the 1% have been almost criminally negligent in their responsibilities to our nation. I am so happy that Senator Sanders will be in the ring speaking loudly and proudly of the responsibility and the necessary accountability for all of the presidential hopefuls and how he and his competitors should be concerned, not with the mega donors, but with the people, from the most unfortunate to the forgotten because they have been pushed off the radar for too long. If a nation was to be judged by how well their poor were treated, we would be pretty far down the list and for a wealthy and exceptional nation such as the United States that is a tragedy. 

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