House Republicans Pass Anti-Obamacare Budget

So the republican leadership in both chambers came together and drew up their ultimate wish list and now what? Are they going to send it to the President so that he can paint it with a pretty splash of red? I do not understand what they think that they can accomplish with this document. I would argue that this two chamber inspired budget gives the American people a clear blueprint of what the Republican Party’s priorities are all about, what their value system is founded on and what they deem investment worthy. It should be crystal clear to all, that the only beneficiaries in this budget are the wealthy, Corporate America and the military industrial complex. Every other person in America doesn’t warrant any consideration aside from the vote and the republicans hope and try to garner those votes by pitting American against American each and every time; they play one group against the other; the undocumented against documented, ethnicities against each other, poor against less poor and they use whatever stressor and anxiety inducing difference they can capitalize and manipulate for their campaigns. My anger and frustration just grows and grows each and every time the Republican Party attempts to repeal and defund the Affordable Care Act; it feels like what they have been doing to Social Security since the day it was put into play back in the 1930’s and it is exhausting. Why do we fight to protect Social Security so fervantly? We fight because it works, it is a life line to millions and the Republican Party has never come up with anything better and we are going to see the same with The Affordable Care Act. They will do everything in their power to tear it down and render it useless, but they will fail to replace it with anything else. That is the sad state of Republican governance, they take away from from the working class to give it to the upper class plain and simple. I don’t want that to happen anymore, it has been the norm for too long and it has to stop.

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