‘Mission Accomplished’ Was 12 Years Ago Today. What’s Been The Cost Since Then?

When you look at the numbers, both in terms of human cost and financial cost, how is it that Dick Cheney and former President Bush, to a much lesser extent, still get asked their opinions in anything that matters? Furthermore, given how our traditional news sources were complicit in persuading the American people into accepting the rationale offered by the Bush Administration, who can you trust? I watched Jon Stewart earlier this week evicerate Judith Miller’s feeble defenses when she tried to argue that her pro-war articles in the New York Times were justified in their one sided coverage. It was brilliant, Jon Stewart took her to task and you could see that she was woefully unprepared to defend her cause, poor thing, I think that she assumed that this interview was going to be a relatively easy softball interview, much like what she had encountered previously, perhaps a little humorous, but nothing like what she received. What really makes me so angry is that we haven’t learned anything from our disastrous foriegn policy decisions, nothing at all and it is apparent that if we elect a Republican in 2016, we may even get into a war with Iran. What is wrong with us? Perhaps I am being too harsh, our news media is pretty much bought and paid for by the powers that be and they tend to be of the war-mongering ilk, it is hard to find any doves on mainstream media even if it isn’t Fox. If you aren’t interested in war, you need to get your news from progressive sources such as Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes. Seriously, when are we going to cease and desist from our inherently flawed instinctual need to meddle in other countries and shamelessly defend it as our way of spreading democracy? It is so transparently false, and it’s embarrassing because you know no one believes us.

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