Baltimore Unrest Puts Spotlight On Martin O’Malley’s Stint As City’s Mayor

Hindsight is always 20/20, I hope that former Governor O’Malley has learned many lessons from his days as Mayor and then Governor. Aggressive policing does not solve society’s problems, you cannot arrest and jail away poverty, drug use, bad school policy or broken homes. In actuality arrest and jail time lead to those very problems which is so tragically the height of irony. Martin O’Malley has a difficult campaign ahead, not only because he isn’t well known in either political party circles, but now that his name has become associated with Baltimore and its uprisings, it will make for several difficult interviews. My hope is that former Governor O’Malley will take this as an opportunity to speak about his overall vision of what justice is and should be in our nation, what role police departments must play in their communities, how poverty, prejudice, rehabilitation and education need to be addressed and the list is long as to the issues that Baltimore has brought to the surface of the nation’s deep seated problems of which Baltimore is only the latest example. I also hope that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will be addressing these issues as well because Baltimore isn’t a lone cry in the night; we have tons of cities just waiting their turn to be spotlights for injustice.  The drama in Washington D.C isn’t the only action in town, other cities have substantially bigger and more pressing problems than simply how to sit down as sensible adults and try to achieve a compromise.

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