John Boehner Says Obama Needs Hillary Clinton To Help Pass Trade Deal

I think that Boehner said that to try to sink Hillary Clinton’s campaign prospects before they even started, at least in his own mind. I, on the other hand, firmly believe that if Hillary Clinton wants the Democratic nomination, she will do everything in her power to stand strong against the TPP and the TPPIP. Hillary Clinton has to know how much damage the NAFTA treaty inflicted on working class America, she was there during the signing and she has been in public office since its real world ramifications so she has to be aware of what another treaty can do to  further undermine the average family’s economic reality. I have to say that John Boehner is quite the piece of work, throwing Hillary Clinton to the wolves like that; I don’t understand why President Obama is bent on getting these two treaties signed, I realize that he thinks that it will be good for families but hasn’t he read up on history? He only has to go back to the Clinton administration to see what mistakes can do in only a short period of time; case in point NAFTA, if you want another example, it was Bill Clinton who signed the repeal of Glass-Steagal into law and only 8 years later we get hit with the Great Recession. I fervantly hope that both Hillary Clinton and President Obama take these gifts of historical perspective to not act with haste and condemn the American people to more economic devastation.

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