McConnell Will Move Iran Bill Forward Without Controversial Amendments From Senate Hawks

I am relieved that Mitch McConnell decided to move forward with the Iran Bill as is, as the President signaled that he was comfortable signing and the democrats accepted as smart negotiations. Senator Cotton is proving to be as nasty a thorn as Ted Cruz has been in the past and apparently Rubio doesn’t want to be left out of the thorny show as well. What is it with these three, they don’t just sabotage the Democrats, they sabotage their own? How is that smart political maneuvering? I don’t know about Rubio, but Cotton and Cruz are Harvard graduates, I have said it before, if I was a part of the Harvard Alumni association, I would be asking for their degrees back on account of failure to live up to Harvard standards of excellence because they have made a mockery of their education. I can safely bet that between Cruz and Rubio in the primaries, we are going to be in for an interesting political contest this year, hang onto your seats, it is going to be quite the ride!

read the article:


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