This Is What Happens When You Elect Climate Change Deniers

Apparently logic, analytical and critical thinking are not in Lamar Smith’s wheelhouse; because if these traits were indeed a part of his intellectual makeup then he would understand how extraordinarily rare it is for the scientific community to be 99% in agreement with a scientific theory and the word theory is being used in this instance as the scientific community understands, scientific theory is based on careful examination of facts. It is much different from the non-scientific use of the word. Logically it makes no sense to invest the majority of your funding into space exploration if you just let your base of operations rot away because you refuse to accept climate science. If you look at the increased climate instability at both Florida and Texas, you risk endangering the very sites that are needed to launch future space rockets, again a faulty use of logic. Sadly having republican politicians such as Lamar Smith is putting our planet at risk and what type of future are we leaving our children and their children? The most egregious part of the question that I just put forth is that it isn’t even that far off in the future when I wonder about the face of our planet. The Baby Boomer generation will go down as the laziest and most irresponsible generation of all time, they took all of the hard work that F.D.R did in turning the economic landscape around for the less fortunate, his policies helped launch the most successful middle class in the world and the Boomer generation let that all slip away. Moreover, while the environmental activists have been warning us since 1970 that our fossil fuel abuse would end up wrecking the planet, the Boomer generation lazily and greedily ignored those warnings and continue to do so. When I hear the republican’s warning about the evils of leaving financial debt to our children, I scoff at them because the devastating legacy they are gleefully leaving our children due to their complete ignorance of science is horrific. Money is a manmade construct, Mother Nature isn’t, her might trumps our puny existence, we have seen it with Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy and the list goes one. I am sick with worry for our planet.

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