Obama Administration Improperly Denies Student Loan Debt Relief

Whenever I see “For Profit” I immediately assume the worst because that is what happens, students effectively become viewed as consumers which in turn makes education a commodity, a concept that saddens me to no end. I love learning, I love the educational process and I believe that knowledge is a gift, a right and a duty in order to have a sustainable and functional democracy. We owe it to ourselves to have the next generation well educated, be it in the liberal arts, the sciences either theoretical, applied or social, and/or vocational. I agree with Senator Elizabeth Warren and her fight for student loan relief especially her stance over how unfair it is for our government to profit so much from our future. It is a matter of prioritizing and unfortunately for us, we have made the present day wealth mongers the priority instead of investing in our future generations. We are so shortsighted in a great many things, but primarily our shortsightedness will shortchange our country in the end. We are siphoning off so much wealth from the young generation by forcing them into a debt laden existence, all of that debt could instead be circulating in the economy instead of going back into the Treasury department; for every dollar claimed by the creditors, several dollars are lost in circulation simply because a dollar thrown into the economy transforms into someone else’s paycheck and so on and so forth. If we are truly committed to making capitalism successful we need keep our economic machine churning and you can’t have that when the majority of people are in debt or choose to opt out of higher education leaving the nation without a skilled workforce. We owe to ourselves to make education at every level a fundamental right and not a privilege, if not for our economic future, at least for our political process. 

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