States Confront Massive Budget Gaps

This latest round of comparative economic data reinforces the fact that those who subscibe to Keynesian economic principles, mostly Democratic lawmakers, are more successful with their economic stewardship than those who follow “voodoo economics”. Moreover the Republican led states who stubbornly follow Reaganomics are dooming their states to deeper economic holes and unless they go by California’s playbook, electing a strong leader like Jerry Brown, they are going to have a very difficult time climbing out of their respective holes. Kansas is closing their schools early, New Jersey’s pensioned retirees are not going to be paid what they are owed, Wisconsin is a mess as well, their job creation is near the bottom in rankings. On the other hand, California, Minnesota and Colorado are doing exceptionally well, however unfortunately, the wave of republican led state governments has created a chain reaction of both bad economic and social policies, all intent on proving through sheer will that supply-side economic theory will work eventually. Moreover these same states are bound and determined to force their Christian values on their residents regardless of whether or not they subscribe to that same religion, separation between Church and State means nothing to conservative Republican lawmakers. Given these facts on the ground I am more often than not baffled as to why anyone would vote republican, I only know that I am so happy that I live in a very blue state.

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