Ron Wyden Threatens Filibuster Over NSA Bulk Data Collection

The Patriot Act was and is an unprecedented act of surrender on our part to our ambigous fears of the unknown and it was our collective acquiesence to baser instincts that drove our lawmakers to throw our civil liberties onto a pile and set fire to it. We are going to be known historicially as the generation that didn’t rise above our fears no, contrary to that we gave into our fears. It is time to tear up the Patriot Act and re-examine our foreign policy goals and our response to the world in its entirety. Why do we have to meddle everywhere and push buttons that are not ours to push? We have made it to be that we think that our Homeland Security apparatus is a necessity, I don’t think that it is, it has become a bloated bureaucratic mess; siphoning off billons of dollars that we might otherwise spend on rebuilding our nation from the ground up, much along the lines that we enjoy doing elsewhere overseas, far away from here. We need some nation building right here at home, we need some confidence building, some self-examination and some dignity; our to do list is long so instead of reauthorizing the Patriot Act, we should write some new legislation called rebuilding and reinvesting in our nation act. The RARION Act, we could put every single Homeland Security agent to work under this Act and appropriate their funding to get projects off the ground, that would be my plan. Welcome back to civil liberties and hello to a new infrastructure with shiny new things and shiny new jobs. Because we are worth it.

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