House GOP Abortion Bill Requires Doctors To Help Fetus Survive

This obsession with abortion has to stop. We have Roe vs Wade, end of story. The hyporcrisy behind the Republican Party’s determination to legislate women reproductive choices is enough to make me explode with anger. The thought of a man telling me what I am allowed to do with my body and having other men write laws to empower him in his dictates is insane. My husband and I have two children, I have had the privilege of having more or less safe pregnancies, traumatic births but healthy babies at the end. However if I had been in any other circumstance, the thought of having any choices taken away from me is chilling. We have a separation of Church and State for a reason, so we don’t need Christian law or Biblical law, we have the Rule of Law. If you believe that life begins at conception, that is between you and your God, do not presume to impose your religious belief on to others. Personally I believe that life begins at birth when the baby draws breath and before that, we should as a nation be concerned over the mother, actually we should be concerned with everyone, but we are not, as is evident in the state of high poverty rates even as the stock markets continue to rise and billionaires continue to mulitply their excessive fortunes. The complete shame on the face of this misogynistic attack on women is that once the fetus becomes a baby, the Republican Party couldn’t care any less about its future. Moreover the Republican Party does nothing to help pregnant women at all, if the fetus is so important why doesn’t the Republican Party put forth some Christian minded legislation such as subsidized pre-natal care, paid family leave and subsidized aftercare as well as subsidized baby care? The Republican Party is taking its valuable time in Congress with this crusade away from other more important issues such as funding our national highways, funding SNAP, voting on Fast Track, it isn’t as if they don’t have a thousand of other things to do for this nation. How long have the republicans held the House and how long have we been reading about this exact same fight over something already legislated a long time ago?

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  1. Highly recommended book: “God’s Politics.” He does an amazing job of writing about what Christianity should be rather than what politicians try to use it for. Cause yeah, Jesus was as against power and domination as is possible for someone to be. I’m starting to think it is absolutely critical to present America with an alternative view on Christianity than the bullshit fundamentalists and politicians want it to be. Makes my blood boil both as a woman and as a Christian.

    1. Thanks for commenting and for the recommendation 🙂 I feel the same as you

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