More States Are Authorizing Online Voter Registration. Here’s Why That’s Great News.

This is indeed good news, but frankly I was astonished that Rick Scott, Florida’s Governor, was even thinking about it just because he and his party have done much to disenfranchize minorities in the past. I wonder how long it will take the thirty other states to get on board, especially given the savings and efficiency that most states have experienced. It should be our civic duty to vote and we should take it upon ourselves to demand our legislators to reflect our desires and make our voice even stronger by establishing one voice one vote as a nation wide mandate. Since the Supreme Court made the egregious decision to rule in favor of money equal to free speech; the least that congress can do for the people is to give the people the right to use their majority rule in the form of one person, one vote regardless if they are students, disabled, elderly or minorities. It would only be fair.  

read the article:


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