It Took A Week, But Jeb Bush Finally Acknowledges That Invading Iraq Was A Mistake

Why can’t we have a candidate for peace? First of all, there is nothing that Jeb Bush could ever say that would persuade me to vote for him. We already paid the price of 12 years of the Bush family legacy, we do not need four more. Secondly, we do not need another President weak on foreign policy, former President George Bush was weak on foreign policy which is why Dick Cheney did what he wanted with our military and look where that duo led us. The entire republican field are made up of war hawks, I was going to omit Rand Paul from the list, but as Bill Maher pointed out, Rand Paul has disavowed his renegade anti-war beliefs and has fallen lockstep with the others, namely by calling for a bigger Pentagon budget. I want us to finally own up to the fact that our imperialist policies have been a major factor within the Middle East and if we want to change the outcome, we need to change our behavior and our attitude. Instead of shortsightedly allowing fossil fuel to shape our foreign policy, we should be engaged in a no-holds barred race to renewable energy and we could be investing in our own backyard for that, leaving the Middle East alone, let them dictate their own destiny for a change. I realize that Hillary Clinton is considered to be a war hawk, but is she really? One vote for Iraq, made with faulty intelligence and during a time where patriotism was questioned very easily, a horrible time for progressives, doesn’t cement one’s character or foreign policy stance. On the other hand, I know that Senator Sanders would rather concentrate on our country and building it back up, then take us into another bad military engagement in the Middle East. I would bet that Bernie Sanders would be that candidate for peace.

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