People Who Opposed The Iraq War From The Beginning Are The Best Americans

I distinctly remember having an extremely volatile argument with my next door neighbor who is a former marine, now a machinist in his late fifties, over going to war with Iraq. I stood up to him saying that we had no business invading Iraq, that it would get us nowhere, especially since we had funded Saddam Hussein during the 1980’s thank you very much President Reagan and the intelligence was most probably mistaken about what they were seeing, it was probably our older munitions. My next door neighbor said some very nasty and hurtful things, calling into question my patriotism, saying that I didn’t understand what it was to be an American. My point was that we had no business still reacting to 9/11 in a knee jerk fashion, this was two years later, we needed smarter and cooler heads to prevail. Dick Cheney was mesmerized by all of the profits Haliburton was going to make, because in the final analysis who really won the Iraq War? The mercenaries won, all of the defence contractors and private security contractors made out like bandits while our service men and women lost their lives and limbs. Moreover for every candidate who is now hawkish over Iran, I would absolutely never vote for them because they would be just as capable of getting us into another war and this time with Iran. Goodness only knows that had John McCain been elected President in 2008, we would have been at war with Syria and Libya and if in 2012, if we had had a President Romney we would be at war with Russia as well, between the two we would have been at war with a quarter of the globe. We need peace, we need to concentrate on rebuilding our own nation and we need to allow the Middle East to forget our presence for a bit, they have seen too much of us over the years, they need a time out and so do we.

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