Claire McCaskill Backtracks On Criticism Of Elizabeth Warren, Admits The Truth About Washington

President Obama is asking congress to grant a Fast Track authority for the next six years, he may think that the treaty as of now, determined by the principles that he has negotiated may be acceptable, but he doesn’t have the luxury of a crystal ball, he doesn’t have a clue as to how the next six years will unfurl, especially if the White House goes republican or center right democrat. I agree with Senator Warren, this Fast Track idea is a bad one, especially if it comes at the expense of the sovereignty of our laws. Moreover it seems to me that the only ones at the table who are salivating at the prospect of the TPP and/or the TPPIP are the huge corporations and Wall Street, for me that is a red flag because I translate that into huge dividends for the shareholders and punishment for the average worker. We have our own legion of consumers and if corporations would simply pay a living wage, thereby lifting most workers out of poverty, they would see demand go straight up and those consumers dollars would be flowing right back int the economy, unlike the wealthy who put their wealth away offshore where they can’t be taxed. If we really want to grow our economy, we don’t need complicated trade agreements, we need to involve our consumer class which just so happens to be our working class, it really isn’t so very complicated. I have found that things only get complicated when someone is trying to pull something over on you, if it is really on the up and up, most things are quite simple. 

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