President Barack Obama Bans Some Military-Style Equipment Provided to Police

There does not exist a single reason for our police departments to be outfitted as if they were occupying some foreign land. I applaud President Obama using his executive action to change this wrongheaded policy. I am a huge proponent of recycling, but we should never recycle military equipment to our local police departments, doing this actually widens the already strained bridge between the communities and their police departments, instead we should be actively seeing the narrow the bridge, bringing them closer together in understanding and empathy. To that point, this past friday on Real Time with Bill Maher, the rapper Killer Mike spoke very eloquently about what good policing means and his thoughts were based on common sense and decency, getting the police officers out of their patrol cars and into the communities while also living within the areas that they police instead of being commuter cops. Imagine if we adopted this simple plan, how economical it would be, instead of going to oversized hardware which does not instill any sense of community no matter how you spin it. If our military is interested in recycling their equipment, they can repurpose the materials for infrastructure or why not just sink our excess military equipment into the sea and let nature repurpose it the way she does best, using the structures as anchors for new life.

read the article:


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