Lindsey Graham And Dick Durbin Join Forces For The Love Of Science Research

This is most welcome news even if it mostly symbolic at this point in time. We absolutely cannot afford to allow our congress to be dominated by the fringe anti-science mindset prevalent amongst the Tea Party Republicans. We need to get out of our own way and begin to embrace the new century and research and development is a smart way to start. We are not a poor country, constrained by lack of resources; anyone who is telling us this doesn’t respect our intelligence. The only reason for the sequestration cuts was human error, human decision making and human obstinancy. We need to start reimagining the budgetary process, look at it as a value assessment and a blueprint for the future. We should start by announcing to the Republican Party that the days of supply-side economics are over and taxes are no longer anathema. We should remind ourselves that our tax dollars fund what we cannot afford alone; good roads, avant garde mass transportation, public schools and research and development. It isn’t right that the wealthy and corporations can decide to withdraw themselves completely from our social contract simply because they decided that they want to keep their wealth for their own personal gain. I hope that this decision to fund important sectors of our economy such as the sciences is not a stand alone one, sequestration needs to come to an end especially on the non-military side for the good of our nation. So I say good for Lindsay Graham in taking the courageous route and standing for science and good for Dick Durbin for extending his hand across the aisle and taking hold of this opportunity.

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    1. I agree with you that the entire idea of sequestration was a bad idea. Thanks for the follow. I appreciate it.

  2. Thank you Laurie,
    To be honest with you and others I am glad I could influence the Republican Party even to consider anti-science it goes into the total health care system.
    Iatrognesis (pharmaceuticals) is currently the #3 cause of death surpassing Autoimmune diseases.
    Soon I’ll be show the Health system to be the #1 cause of death.
    Then what?
    How will people respond?
    Will they support & pay for what is the #1 cause of death.
    I truly believe the Health system is expendable & I again truly believe that more & more governmental focus will be on this which in turn will regenerate business perspectives & approaches for longevity.

    1. Interesting perspective 🙂

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