This Democratic Senator Is Doing All He Can To Kill Obama’s Trade Agenda

I have been a huge fan of Sherrod Brown’s for quite a while, he doesn’t get the limelight, but he still buckles down and does the work to protect workers, the elderly, consumers, everyone who is not a part of Corporate America, Wall Street or the wealthy stratosphere. At least Sherrod Brwon is being honest about the fate of American workers if the TPP gets fast-tracked, it won’t be a boon for them, it will simply be more of the same, a faster paced race to the bottom in terms of wages and if you look at the employment landscape throughout the United States, the Republican Governors and their state’s legislatures are doing a pretty good job on their own, they most certainly do not need outside help to make their wages fall any faster. I realize that many democratic house representatives and senators have tried to get bills related to manufacuturing on to the floor for votes and have failed, but we still need to try something to get products made in the U.S. We have areas throughout our vast nation that used to be vibrant manufacturing centers and now they are destitute and hopeless, we can turn the tide with that, it isn’t as if we don’t have the consumer base to support it. Furthermore this Fast Track authority isn’t only about trade, it is about giving the American people the right to give their representatives the ability to debate and argue over the merits of a treaty; we should all be included in the shaping of an important agreement, not just Corporate America, they haven’t been doing their fair share when it comes to fulfilling their own societal obligations so why should they have a special place at the table and not us, the real drivers of our  economy? Moreover, President Obama has been shown to be wrong in his understanding that the TPP will not intrude on our sovereignty; just this past week, the Foreign Minister of Canada spoke in New York arguing that the Volcker Rule in the Dodd-Frank Law was illegal under NAFTA and should be repealed and that is only NAFTA, imagine what it could mean with the TPP that has been described as NAFTA on steroids. On top of that little nugget, the WTO is hearing arguments from Canada and Mexico over the legality of our COOL law, the Country of Origin rule which we made mandatory in 2006 as opposed to how we used to have it, which was voluntary and up to the producer. The Canadians and the Mexicans want us to go back to the voluntary method; I do not want that, I want to know where my food comes from. I want our banking to once again be a boring business and I don’t want our already feeble environmental laws to made irrelevant because some corporation does not want to pay the price to do business properly and safely. Since when is it considered okay to pass on all of the burdens of doing business to the consumer? We have enough hardship making it day to day in this country, why do we have to make  it even harder on ourselves? No to Fast Track, no to the TPP and the TPPIP.

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