The Obamacare Curse: What If, Next Month, the Republicans Finally Get What They Want?

If the Republican Party even tries to twist any of this back onto President Obama, my head will explode at the injustice of it all. If there is only one thing to be grateful for, it is the death of the pre-existing condition and that is thanks to our President. I have had to live with that very real threat for decades being a cancer survivor and the day that the Affordable Care Act was signed, making the pre-existing condition a relic of the past, was such a huge victory for myself and thousands of others. Moreover having the insurance companies held accountable to making sure that administrative costs be kept at a minimum, so that monies are paid out to insurance claims as they should be, is another score for the Affordable Care Act. My anger also stems from the fact that prior to the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Party was very much on board with individual mandate and universal coverage, that is before our President came into office; ever since his inauguration, the Republican Party has sought to impede his every action in office and they want to torpedo his signature legislative victory no matter the cost to us. Of course there are issues with the Affordable Care Act, but there is nothing under the sun that can’t be improved upon, so if we had a fully committed congress, we would be way ahead of the game because we would have a legislative body ready to improve upon the law, instead of half of the congress actively seeking to repeal it. That is the sum of it, the Republican Party because they want President Obama to fail, have repudiated every idea that they ever had regarding health care insurance and when presented with a comprehensive Health Care Insurance Law, they have done nothing but try to repeal it unsuccessfully 50 times, defund it a few dozen times, brought lawsuits against it and now they are completely unprepared to deal with the possibility that their collective prayers will be answered. What are we the people to do? What are we to do with the sheer incompetence demonstrated by the Republican Party?

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