Jeb Bush: It’s ‘Intellectual Arrogance’ To Agree With Scientists About Humans Driving Climate Change

Whatever happened to the Republican Party that believed in Cap and Trade? It seems awfully coincidental that when the Koch brothers started expanding their reach into the political arena, the Republican Party started to veer away from responsible environmental stewardship. I am fairly sure John McCain during one of his presidential runs campaigned on Cap and Trade so it wasn’t that long ago. We have a 99% scientific consensus that climate change is real, is a threat to our way of life and it is most probably due to man’s carbon footprint. However even if we weren’t responsible for climate change and by some crazy miracle, our climate was changing at this accelerated pace on its own, I still want the right to breathe clean, fresh air, I still want my water to be toxin free, clean and unpolluted and I want my soil to be free from contaminants so that my food grows safely. All this shouldn’t be too much to ask and in the larger frame of society, mandating these companies to do right by our environment should be the obvious choice, because as of now with the laissez-faire regulatory atmosphere that our current form of capitalism demands, we are creating a sicker society, costing millions of dollars medically. If we strengthened our environmental regulations as we should, demanded that corporations pay their fair share and finally went full speed ahead with investing in alternative energy sources, perhaps then we would achieve what we should have done way before 2015, a safe and environmentally sound, flourishing future for our children and their children.

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    1. I am not sure what you are asking, England wasn’t being discussed specifically, but that doesn’t mean that England should not be involved in doing the responsible thing regarding climate change.

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