U.S. Military And Civilians Are Increasingly Divided

If we truly want to honor our service men and women, we need to stop and seriously reconsider our foreign policy, our energy policy, our entire raison d’etre, it would be the morally responsible thing to do. Furthermore to properly honor our military, we should reinstate the draft, leveling the playing field so that everyone of us could be called to duty, that should throw some cold water on the faces of certain gung ho politicians. We should also challenge our lawmakers regarding the ways in which our military personnel are treated, both as individuals and as families, the Republican Party killed a bill that would have stopped predatory lending to military families, how is that acceptable? Let us not forget that many military families depend on SNAP benefits which of course is under constant attack by the Republican Party, we should be getting our service people back into the workforce and if they are unable, we should make sure that they have access to all medical and social services needed. In order for that to happen we need the Republican Party to join in the legislative process and invest in our military personnel, not just the toys and the hardware, but the people; parades and saying “Thank you for your service” are all well and good, but they are just lip service. I realize that the recommendations outlined above aren’t new, but the fact that we are still suggesting them means that they still need to be implemented and doing so would make Memorial Day more meaningful for thousands of service people out there.

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  1. You are so right on all of this, but I sincerely hope that we never reinstate the draft. Having gone through the Vietnam years as a anti-war protester, I never want to see anyone forced to serve in the military again. Although I do agree that in theory it might help cut down on the number of wars, it certainly didn’t help in the sixties and seventies. Keep on keepin’ on! You write good stuff.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and encouraging words! I appreciate them very much. 😀

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