Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department

Being human is so complicated. I have always believed Hillary Clinton to be a person of high intelligence, logical, reasoned and compassionate for the disenfranchized, primarily women and children. I find it hard to reconcile the person that I believe Hillary Clinton to be with the portrait that the International Business Times paints of her as a cold and calculating politician. I understand that when in Rome, but still abandoning your principles and integrity so that the Clinton Foundation will get huge donations? How can someone so intelligent not understand that nothing stays secret forever, books get audited, the entire Beltway crowd has always looked for the slightest impropriety, she couldn’t be that stupid or naive. I always take reporting on the Clinton’s with a pound of salt but still, this looks bad. Yes money greases the wheels, but when are we going to seriously figure out that this money thing doesn’t work if we want a different world. Money is a manmade construct, the ony reason that we have it is because the minute that we as a species sat down and planted roots, ownership became a thing, division of labor became a thing, power and greed became a thing; prior to that when we were hunters and gathers, the primary concern was being able to carry what you needed on your back and feeding each other. We can say that we evolved from the hunter gather to an agrarian society and then to a capitalist society, so when are we going to evolve beyond the greed and the ownership to one of stewardship because in the final analysis you can be a billionaire a million times over and you still cannot take it with you. You may own a thousand homes and your grave will still be as long as you are tall and as wide as you are round. I hope that Hillary Clinton will clear this up because  this signifies a gross lapse in judgment. I do not know if I will vote for her because in order for me to do that, first she will need to repudiate all of her husband’s accomplishments such as welfare reform, NAFTA, repealing Glass-Steagal and the Future Commodities Act of 2000 and I am not sure if she will do that. In the meantime I am excited about Bernie Sanders for 2016. Go Bernie! 

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