Jeb Bush Re-Writes the History of the Iraq War

If the Republican Party as a whole was seriously interested in being reelected to the White House they have to look at the field and ask themselves “is this truly the best that we can do?” There is a vast body of evidence that has been understood as the definitive antidote to storytelling time, however amongt conservative republican America, it does not matter that facts and evidence exist, to their discredit and shame, they choose to further distort the historical record. Haven’t we had enough of war? Shouldn’t we be outraged beyond anything previously known, even worse than Nixon sanctioning breaking and entering and larceny, that our Commander in Chief would deliberately lead us into war, effectively cutting short the lives of thousands upon thousands of young men and women. I find it appalling that Jeb Bush would deign to show his face on the presidential campaign field, he should recognize that his family has done enough harm to this nation and be done with politics. We as a nation should instead take the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan and realize that we have inserted ourselves in the Middle East for oil, for the Cold War, and the price has been too high, we can never justify our repeated incursions into the region. We have been there, in the Middle East and Northern Africa, in some capacity since the beginning of the 20th century, enough is enough. Oil is a fossil fuel, soon to be a relic of the past, we need to take a page from one of the oldest civilizations, the Chinese, and embrace alternative energy sources, not in the manner by which we are doing right now; we need to put our money were our outlets are, invest full speed ahead with research and development in all of our major universities, research and development in our military research and development departments, we should be investing like crazy in theoretical and practical physics and at this point, in every field of science.  We owe it to ourselves, even if nothing else comes out of these alternative energy investments, if the only thing that this did, was keep us out of war and out of the Middle East. Let them sort themselves out for a change, they will most probably surprise us. The Middle East is the cradle of civilization, they have the history and the tools to figure things out. 

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