GOP’s Big Government Welfare Reforms

There is something deeply flawed in this line of judgemental reasoning or perhaps classist projecting would be a better term. In order to make the leap that those in poverty are inherently prone to a certain behavior, you must be inclined to think that way in the first place, hence why I use the descriptive “projection”. Whenever I read about republican legislatures deciding to pass a bill to drug test welfare recipients or severely limit the SNAP benefits, I ask myself “why do these rich legislators immediately assume that these impoverished people are the lowest of the low?” Do these legislators do any research before they decide to break out their pens and start writing down ways to further humiliate and dehumanize the poor? Perhaps they simply call up their local ALEC chapter and have them fax over their ready-made Welfare Reform bills. Why don’t these legislators sit back and ask themselves about the impossibility of surviving on minimum wage as it is today or the difficulty of scheduling one’s life when so many places of employment do not provide steady or reliable scheduling. Or better yet how onerous travel has become because our mass transit system in so many places has become fossilized, expensive and unreliable. The litany of real and oppressive challenges is long and the character traits such as laziness, sloth and fraudulence are so way down the list that it should not even be a whisper of an influence on public policy. Moreover when these republican legislators are busy stressing over the imagined character flaws borne from these “grandiose giveaways” to the poor, why don’t they agonize as much over the countless giveaways that the wealthy and Corporate America enjoy every day by way of our tax code and our subsidies. I would love to hear an answer to that question. 

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