Friday Talking Points — Double Standards and Hypocrisy

If ever there was an example of how our news media is as divorced from a liberal bias as a Kardasian is divorced from reality, then this is the example. We do not have a liberal media, we have a corporate media and they are not interested in Senator Bernie Sanders or his political positions. I on the other hand, agree with Senator Sanders when it comes to providing free college paid for by a financial transaction tax, universal preschool, living wages, unions and Social Security expansion, I could go on, but the list is really long. I realize that there are many who believe that we should neither demonize Wall Street nor the wealthy, nor should we be promoting class jealousies, but I say that this is a just another way of surrendering to the status quo and the status quo is not acceptable. We have coddled Wall Street and the wealthy for far too long, if they were as exceptional, hard working and morally superior as they imply that they are when they stand and judge those who struggle on a daily basis to scrape by, then they do not need all of the tax breaks and subsidies that their lobbyists insist upon everyday when they call on our elected officials. 

The day that our country adopted Reagan’s economic policy, which H.W.Bush brilliantly nicknamed as “voodoo economics”, the wealth that this nation produced was siphoned away from the bottom to the top, instead of the trickle down scenario that had been promised, which in retrospect was a horrible and condescending plan, “let us cut taxes on the wealthy and in return the surplus will trickle down on the masses” It reminds me of feudal lords throwing coins into the hungry crowds watching them scramble for a coin or two while the lord looks on amused. 

The working class and the middle class have been worked to the bone, forced to supplement their stagnating wages with credit card debt and home equity loans, all the while increasing their productivity while the 1% takes away more and more of the wealth. Despite this, our news media can only find republican candidates who speak of how our nation cannot afford to invest in the future, cannot afford a social safety net, cannot afford to shore up our infrastructure, that is the narrative that our news media puts out day in and day out. However if one does their due diligence you will find facts and figures to the contrary of what we are fed by our corporate media. We can afford a military that eclipses the entire other half of the world, we subsidize the fossile fuel industry to the tune of billions a year and we can accept the reduction of our tax revenue base costing us billions a year; we can do these things because there is a will in Washington D.C to do so; however when it comes to investing in all of the programs that Senator Sanders cares so passionately about, which so many ordinary citizens care so passionately about, the will to act in Washington D.C is not there and the word can morphs into cannot, which in reality is a will not because in all honesty if we can afford a Pentagon, a Homeland Security bureau, a F.B.I, a C.I.A and a N.S.A, we can afford free college for all paid for by a financial transaction tax, we can afford universal preschool, we can afford nutritious school breakfasts and lucnhes for all and we can afford after school child care. If we carefully examine the spread sheet, the moral implications become clear, our political landscape is all about greed and power, we aren’t broke, not by a long shot, our priorities are skewered, the progressive policitians and their supporters want to bring our priorities back into allignment with the “American Dream” and that is what I am hoping will happen one day.

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