Fast Track Hits House Next Week; Clinton Must Speak Up

I know where Bernie Sanders stands on this issue; he is completely against Fast Track and both the TPP and TPPIP. He is against all free trade agreements because he understands that free trade is not what it seems. If I remember correctly, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the initial negotiations for these massive trade deals were under her department’s perview, if this is indeed the case, then it wouldn’t be out of bounds for her to inform us of her very well-educated opinon on this most important matter. These treaties will have far-reaching consequences, not only in the short term, but for years to come and it should behoove us to elect a President that will fight for the greater good, which in this instance is the average person. Free trade may sound like a good idea, but haven’t we been witness, from the 1990’s through to present day, that  NAFTA,  the Korean Free Trade agreement and China’s inclusion in trade agreements have only grown our trade deficits? Haven’t we also seen our wages decline as a direct consequence of competing against poverty wages? Bernie Sanders has been speaking out against free trade deals for years, I have been signing petitions against Fast Track for two years, I will not give up and the deciding factor in my vote is how the candidate stands on TPP and TPPIP. Paul Krugman has written extensively on both these deals and according to him there are no longer any real trade barriers, these treaties are simply corporate giveaways at this point; the private tribunals are neither publicly elected nor transparently selected, they are behind closed doors transactions where the tribunal decides if a corporation’s potential profits might be foresworn due to a nation’s environmental, social or health laws and if they find in favor of the corporation, the offending nation must either repeal their laws or pay damages to the “injured” corporation. We already have one such example occuring right as we speak; the WTO ruled that our COOL law was illegal under NAFTA so now we are being held to the trade agreement and must revert back to a voluntary labeling practice, no more mandatory country of origin labels. It is so infuriating that my right to know where my meat comes from is trumped by foreign companies greed and laziness. It makes me so furious.

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