Jeb Bush Blames GOP Congress, Not His Brother, For Bush-Era Spending

I am surprised that Jeb Bush even went so far as to blame the Republican Party for the spending spree that occured during George W. Bush’s 8 year tenure. Traditionally, politicians do not like to assign blame to themselves, no matter what and I would say that both parties are guilty of this, but the Republican Party is especially sensitive to any appearance of blame, guilt or wrongdoing. Vice President Dick Cheney is on record of speaking at some function and the words “deficits don’t matter” had escaped his lips. If I remember correctly his justification for that pronouncement was that the tax cuts signed into law by President Bush were going to deliver a strong and dynamic economy, making deficits a non-issue. These nuggets of facts delivered to us by history and hindsight should be addressed and gathered together to be delivered as serious questions to be answered. My specific question would be to all of the candidates on the Republican side of the field, “how do you justify pursuing the same economic policies that have been proven to weaken our economic growth and increase our debt”? Another question I would ask is “how are you going to prepare for the eventual structural failure of our transportation network, our educational system and entire infrastructure nationwide”? It appears that no one within the Republican Party believes in debating the revenue portion of our economy, all that matters to the Republican Party is the spending column, specifically how to minimize the outlay towards the social safety net for those who are less fortunate than the rest.  The Republican Party ignores the fact that funding and managing our nation, as our government is supposed to do on our behalf, is in jeopardy because they won’t ask corporate America or the 1% to pay their fair share of the cost burden which is needed to keep our nation running. Instead the Republican Party, as a political party and one of our nation’s managers, is prepared to let our nation operate on a less than optimal performance. I want them to answer for that on the national stage so that everyone who is thinking of voting republican 2016 understands very clearly that a vote for the Republican Pary is a vote letting our nation go downhill on every single level across the board. Anyone who believes in innovation, invention, competition has to know that without strong infrastructure and solid research and development, those goals are extremely difficult to attain. The republican candidates pay lip service to those words and envelope them within the “free marketplace” universe. However when we look at the historical record, we see that most of the innovations and inventions were done within government facilties and public universities; the private sector doesn’t like to risk their profit margins, dollar for dollar the government has done more than the private sector. It is high time that we stop demonizing our government, we should be asking who is best equipped and prepared to harness and manage our tremendous capacity for growth and innovation, that is the better question and standard to judge by for any candidate.

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