Campaign To Draft Elizabeth Warren For President Comes To A Halt

I think that the Run Warren Run movement was very productive and influential despite its failure in achieving its principle goal, persuading Senator Warren to run. I respect Senator Warren’s decision and quite honestly, she is such an asset in the Senate that I would hate to say her leave, who could fill her shoes? I hope that the thousands of organizers don’t become too jaded by their unfulfilled dreams of a Warren candidacy, they pushed the envelope, the boundaries and the conversation to the left on so many important issues. Hillary Clinton doesn’t live or operate in a bubble, she is fully aware of the real appeal of Senator Warren and her values, goals and dreams for our nation, Hillary knows that there is a solid bloc of progressives waiting and daring her to go bold if she wants to be the democratic nomination. Moreover, even without a Warren run, Hillary still has Bernie Sanders to contend with and he is no shrinking violet, he is a valuable ally that Elizabeth Warren knows is in her corner when it comes to voting on a myriad of issues in the Senate. I think that our democratic nomination process will be as interesting for the left as the republican nomination process will be as lively and entertaining for the right. While Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders take their case to the democratic base, Elizabeth Warren even without being in the race, will still throw a long shadow over the process which is a winning point for the people, keep the candidates focused on working America, on the environment, on education and civil righs for everyone. Congratulations to the run Warren Run organization, job well done.

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