Senate Votes To Turn NSA Spying Back On, But With Reforms

It is so hard not to be nostalgic for the days before 2001 when we weren’t beset by an almost crippling fear. I think that bin Laden and his terrorists not only viciously murdered over 3000 people, but also maimed our collective psyche and we still have not recovered, because we are still allowing our congress and our executive branch to give in to fear. I remember spending each of my summers during the entire decade of the 1980’s in France which was suffering from acts of terrorism and their government didn’t respond in the same way. In 1986 they passed a new law addressing terrorism as a crime and adopted a specific court to try the perpetrators, but the government did not adopt pervasive spying on its citizenry such as tapping phones or screening mail, this was pre-internet after all. The two days spent under an expired Patriot Act was symbolically freeing, however when I read the headline of this article, my heart sank. Living a life in fear is not living a life freely, shouldn’t that be our motto? We are America after all, the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are not honoring that brand with our new and “improved” USA Freedom Act, the watered down version of the Patriot Act. We aren’t acting very brave and we are not living free with the N.S.A, Homeland Security, and the F.B.I all too comfortable with their “rights” to our privacy. I wish that our elected officials would legislate from a position of courage in terms of rights and independence; unfortunately our polticians have built a security apparatus of gargantuan proportions which is now almost impossible to dismantle because there is no political will alive in congress that will take it apart and put it to bed. Sadly our nation suffers from their lack of moral courage and intestinal fortitude.

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