Think The Net Neutrality Fight Is Over? Think Again.

It appears that our fight is never over and what depresses me is the reason why: profits. The internet was born out of taxpayer dollars through research and development at the Department of Defense, it should stay in the public arena open equally to everyone. Can’t we have one place where we don’t have to deal with the worst customer service that so dominates other industries? Has anyone ever had a positive experience with Comcast, Time Warner, or even Verizon Fios? There are far too many avenues in our society that are cordoned off from the ordinary and made exclusively for the wealthy to use at their leisure; we should never accept the Internet to become yet another field undemocratically determined simply because of amount of wealth held by the person. You would think that allowing equal opportunity for all would make sense across the board, but apparently the big corporations don’t want direct competition, instead they want to squash the little guy and they use their power and might to grab even more market shares. We need to stand strong, continue protesting, signing petition after petition and placing phone calls to each and every congressperson involved. An open internet is in all of our best interests.

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  1. Itsmine · · Reply

    Actually it is better situation in developed countries..but if you look at the backward countries,It is actually hard to pay for 2G also..worst conditions are there…

    1. I can only imagine. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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