Why Universal Voter Registration Matters

No matter who calls for universal voting, I support the idea. I strongly believe that now more than ever we need universal voting rights in order to compete with Citizens United. If I could write the legislation it would be short and sweet, I would simply copy the phrasing from the text that relates to jury duty and apply it to voting rights/duty, end of story. Since the Supreme Court has decided in favor of money being held equal to free speech, we have seen an outsized influence of money over our elections and it is obscene that a few select individuals can single-handedly carry one candidate through the primary selection process, I am referencing Sheldon Adleson and Newt Gingrich in this case. Our vote is the only tool we have left in our demcoracy and it is vital that we rally together in a tour de force to become viable agents of change in our political process.  Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, this may not be enough to rally the youth of America, but regardless of the 2016 democratic nomination process, her contributions to the universal voting right process will be remembered with admiration in history. It has to become a fait accompli and soon if we want any future say in our democracy, I can’t say it enough.

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