Somebody Forgot To Tell Bush, Cruz And Rubio The GM Bailout Worked

I think that the republican presidential nominees are disingenuous to a fault whenever they speak out against government interference in the “free market”. They may despise regulations, but they love subsidies and tax breaks no matter the industry. Hold it, I take it back, they support most tax breaks and subsidies as long as they are not energy alternatives, organic farming, employee cooperatives and community banks. I must admit that I was astounded when the Republican Party, as a united front, presented their vehement response  against President Obama’s decision regarding the automotive bailout. I would have thought that as the party historically aligned with big business; they would have made sure that our iconic motorcar industry would not be allowed to go down in flames because of greed and lack of oversight gone mad. Our Great Recession is proof positive that capitalism cannot be allowed to exist unchecked; it needs the guiding hand of a federal government to police its excesses, a republican President believed this to be true and acted accordingly, Teddy Roosevelt, a man that would perhaps have been able to blast some common sense in the present day Republican Party. I don’t understand how anyone who is a working person can even think to vote for anyone on the republican ticket given how they each and everyone of them believe that our auto industry should have been allowed to fail. The consequences be damned for ideology, I don’t get it.

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