Obama: Supreme Court Should Not Have Accepted Obamacare Challenge

What I don’t understand is how did the case make it past the legal question of “standing”. According to several articles I have read over the past six months, two of the plaintiffs do not have standing, meaning that they are not being “harmed” as a direct consequence of the Affordable Care Act and the third might have had standing a year ago, btu having reached Medicare age as of this year has now lost it. Standing is important because it keeps frivolous lawsuits outside of our courtrooms, justice is expensive and time consuming, the cases presented to the court should all have merit. I can only think that the conseratives on the bench desperately want to undo the Affordable Care Act since the issue of standing was cast aside in order to hear the case; not a small thing by far. The saddest aspect of this entire issue is the simplicty of its solution, a small change in a phrase, that is all that is required and yet we come to this, a case without legal standing being judged by a conservative court bent on stamping all of their jurisprudence with free market ideology, small government, Christian values and corporate rights. Our constitution is being translated in ways that are transforming our society way beyond what I think Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson had envisioned for our nation.  Prior to 2012, I don’t think I would have ever believed anyone telling me that our nation would recognise money as free speech and corporations as people, it goes to show how utterly radical our Supreme Court has been since John Roberts became Chief Justice. Sadly there is nothing you nor I can do to change the Court’s makeup, we can only undo their ruling with constitutional amendments, a tall order yes, but one that could be achieved with proper motivation.

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