U.S. Embracing A New Approach On Battling ISIS In Iraq

If only peace was as profitable as war. Why do we have to establish a base of operations? Haven’t we done enough damage in Iraq? Why can’t we learn the lessons of history, those lessons were paid for in blood, the least we can do is to pay attention to them. When we discovered weapons hidden away in the Iraqi desert, the fact that they were old 1980 era American weapons, a bush erupting in flames couldn’t have been as strong of a sign as that; wasn’t the irony big enough to give us a concussion? I can’t say it often enough, we have been meddling in the Middle East for far too long, we have repeatedly fanned the flames of discontent and anger. Let the Middle East engage in self-determination and conflict resolution. Our first order of business is to get our mindset away from there and back here where we should be engaging in our own proper nation building. If we are worried about having our military becoming idle; we have millions of neighborhoods that need schools rebuilt, roads that need reinforcing, bridges that need restructuring, the list is practically endless. There are no easy answers to the crisis in the Middle East, but we do not need to be there, it seems to make things worse. No one ever appointed us the world’s police man, we did that ourselves, we need to step back and mind our own issues. It isn’t as if we don’t have our own problems.

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