Jamie Dimon Wants To Mansplain Banking To Elizabeth Warren

Explain to me how J.P Morgan after paying out billions in fines due to illegal activity still employs the same C.E.O? Jamie Dimon might very well be one of those non-violent psychopaths who doesn’t care about rules and regulations, only his own ambition and greed. I wish that we had more lawmakers who were as intelligent, principled and courageous as Senator Elizabeth Warren. I couldn’t take Jamie Dimon’s words seriously when he tried to insult Senator Warren, she is a Harvard Bankruptcy Professor, she set up the CFPB, her creation which is helping a lot of people, she is a double threat because she can decipher and translate finance speak so that the people understand, she has lifted the veil and Jamie Dimon hates it. I think one of the best lines that she has spoken is “Banking needs to become boring again” Jaime Dimon doesn’t want boring, there is no money in boring, he wants complicated therby evading regulations in its intricacies. I wonder if Senator Warren’s letter to Mary Jo White sent chills down his spine, not the good ones, mind you. When I read about the letter, I was reminded of Joe Kennedy the orginator of the S.E.C, charged with its development and implentation by F.D.R, because as F.D.R put it “in order to clean up Wall Street and then keep it in line, only a former crook can do it correctly” F.D.R didn’t say it quite in those words, but the implication was clear, his buddy Joe Kennedy had come to a point in his life where he could put his greed away and do the public a great deal of good by helping F.D.R set up the institutions to police capitalists at their worst. Mary Jo White has not lived up to the spirit of the S.E.C and Senator Warren rightly called her to the carpet. This is not their world, it is our world and we need to elect more lawmakers like Senator Warren to keep “crooks” like Jamie Dimon in line, walking the straight and narrow.

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