With Obama’s Trade Agenda In The Balance, Democrats May Mount Last-Minute Revolt

The only parties who want this trade agreement are the multi-nationals,some lawmakers and our President. In this day and age we don’t need free trade agreements, that is code for imposing the lowest wages possible on workers no matter where they live. What we need going forward are Fair Trade agreements especially in this age of environmental fragility. Corporations are fueled for the most part by one motivation: profits, everything else is secondary, we are on the cusp of changing tides, in some parts of the world literally, species extinction and we cannot trust corporations to do what is morally right and ethical when profit is their only zero sum game. I do realize that there are corporations such as IKEA who are donating huge amounts towards the climate change challenge, but in this area we need all nations to come together as they will in Paris later on this year to pledge their respective national resources in the fight to keep our planet alive. The TPP and the TPPIP are relics of another era, the industrial age, when there were still barriers in place, now that corporations lack nationalities,those  trade barriers of yesteryear aren’t really an issue, they are only excuses for corporations to help shape international trade policy that allows their profit margins to overide societal needs and goals. I find that immeasurably unacceptable. A corporation is supposed to adjust to its society when it comes to safety, both medical and environmental, not the other way around. We have allowed our workers to be raked over the coals since the late 1970’s, it is time to stop and support our workers instead, make sure that our society doesn’t accept poverty wages in exchange for a time card just to keep a corporation happy. I miss the days when corporations had some national spirit, now we have our biggest companies such as Apple and G.E parking their profits off shore, hidden away from their societal obligations, there once was a day when corporations made up 30% of our nation’s taxation contributions, we ask ourselves “how did we allow our infrastructure to degenerate to this point?” We can easily find the answer when we examine our recent history, when corporations helped shape our tax code, they found a myriad of ways to back out of their part of the social contract. If we accept Fast Track today, corporations will be allowed to dictate future legislation based on arguments of lost profits; imagine any future environmental regulastions having to withstand corporate scrutiny related to potential lost profits, Exxon as an example, that legislation will never even be allowed passage through congress. I have been signing petition after petition urging my reprentatives to vote no, I hope that it will not all been for naught. 

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