Friday Talking Points — Bernie Sanders Shows Democrats What ‘Family Values’ Should Mean

Whenever I speak about Bernie Sanders, I immediately hear “he will never beat Hillary” I reply “they said those very things about a certain Barack Obama” Back in 2007 I was excited about Hillary Clinton until my son started speaking excitedly about a Senator Obama, who he was going to vote for at his first primary. This time around my son is now speaking just as excitedly about Bernie Sanders. I am not all that torn up about my choice because Bernie Sanders has been speaking, crafting and voting his Family Values agenda for a long time and it is about time that the rest of the nation become familiar with him and get a chance to weigh in on his proposals. My critique of Hillary Clinton is that she waits far too long to come to the party, in terms of making bold decisons and bold proposals there is no such thing as being fashionably late. Perhaps the saddest thing of all is that Bernie Sanders agenda isn’t all that bold if we look at the rest of the world. Why aren’t we all demanding more from our lawmakers? We had unions back in the twentieth century fighting for 40 workweeks, paid over-time, getting children out of factories and other benefits that we take for granted these days; now that the unions are pretty much out of the private sector, we don’t have the collective power to demand further from management and they know it. That is why we have to appeal to the legislative branch, unfortunately we only have our voice/our vote to sway them; further proof that we need someone like Bernie Sanders in the White House to be our voice while fighting for our rights to have a life predicated on family values.

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