U.S. Poised To Put Heavy Weaponry In East Europe

Do we really need the Pentagon to be throwing proposals and scenarios out into the air for Russia to take in the worst way possible? Our former Presidents and congressional leaders took much time and effort to hammer out treaties in order to save our world from potentially world destroying wars. We owe it to ourselves and our children to not make light of these treaties, but rather honor them to the letter. The Cold War was not something borne lightly, it was a tense and bitter time for the entire world and we collectively lost many opportunities for a better world because our focus was lost on zero-sum games, deterrent, first strike capabilities. A great deal of the “canonization” of Saint Ronnie lies in the idea that he forced the Soviets into bankruptcy with the arms race, we won! Hooray. Instead of concentrating our resources on all of these wars in the Middle East and potential Russian aggression, we should be strong arming the entire world in launching initiatives and real world progress into saving our planet from climate change. What is the point of winning territory when your people cannot breathe, drink clean water and you cannot feed them? I would think that keeping our planet alive and viable would be at the top of all priorities; it is the survival of our species after all. Once we are gone, our planet will repair itself all in good time. We tend to forget that we need our planet, our planet doesn’t need us.

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