Elizabeth Warren Explains Obama’s Trade Troubles

I trust what Elizabeth Warren says on all matters, particularly when it involves trade and finance, she is exceptionally intelligent and has integrity, when she joins Bernie Sanders, another lawmaker I deeply admire, I know that what they are either promoting or critiquing is worth listening and following their lead. If Hillary Clinton had really wanted to at last capture the progressive left along with the millennial vote, she should have made her arguments either for or against TPP long before now. As Secretary of State I believe she was privy to the negotiating rounds in the beginning, so she had some idea of what the agreements were shaping up to be, I have read the union’s take on TPP, they labeled it NAFTA on steroids, the unions started marshaling their forces right after President Obama came to office, so Hillary Clinton must be aware why the unions and the public are so fired up about this latest attempt in undermining worker’s right, protections and wages. I do not understand, for the life of me, why our President is bent on agreeing to these types of agreements, it isn’t only the TPP, we also have the TPPIP with the European Union, another corporate controlled treaty. Am I the only one who thinks that corporations have had it too easy for too long, it is time to re-evaluate how we have been putting their needs ahead of labor’s needs and from what I see, it hasn’t made our society better or more prosperous for most involved. We are at a tipping point, we need to institute an inversion, we should opt out of both free trade agreements and instead engineer a plethora of Fair Trade agreements with the focus on workers and consumers for a change, it would be fascinating to see how we all fare under those conditions.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been hearing decidedly mixed things about what the TTP would mean. Some are saying that not passing it means hurting our economic connections with Asia, which will be the burgeoning market of the near future. Yet others are saying that it contained REALLY bad statues about pharmaceutical patents that would SEVERELY impede poor people’s access to medication.


    1. Thanks for commenting and being a politically curious person. I believe free trade is harmful to the workers, we need to fight for fair trade instead.

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