Americans Aren’t Paying Attention To That Huge Obamacare Supreme Court Case

If we want our democracy to not only survive, but thrive, we need to become a better informed electorate, additionally we need to actually show up and exercise our right to vote. If most Americans aren’t aware that their healthcare subsidies may not exist after a disastrous Supreme Court ruling, how in the world can they even hope to change their lawmaker’s vote on any issue pertaining to them? As of today, only two states proactively applied to the Federal government to sign up to the process of creating their own health care exchange, Pennsylvania and Delaware, in anticipation of the tide turning against the Affordable Care Act. We shouldn’t forget that our Supreme Court is weighted against social democracy 5 to 4, we can only hope that Justice Roberts cares about his Court’s legacy and does not want to be remembered as the Justice who sentenced millions to inadequate or no healthcare insurance coverage. However what are we to do as a society when our elected officials aim to make voting a trial, instead of an efficient and streamlined process and our mainstream media should be renamed corporate media, complete with memos and bullet points. When leisure time and family time are luxuries in this nation, it shouldn’t be shocking that people would turn to entertainment before news in order to unwind, life for many is too much of a daily grind. Unfortunately it is sheer irony that allows it to continue this way, it takes a Herculean effort after working sometimes two jobs to stay informed and be proactive in politics in order to push lawmakers to legislate leisure and family time into our societal model. You have to over extend yourself in order to win the right to finally relax. There is so much work to be done that it is most definitely overwhelming.

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