House GOP Proposal Axes Family Planning Program

The Republican Party argues non-stop that government needs to stay out of an individual’s life, but their rhetoric only applies to a specific demographic, if one happens to be female, the Republican Party finds many ways to insert control in our reproductive choices  with or without federal funding, because withholding federal dollars is just as obnoxious as putting the government in the physician’s office with the patient. If we look at the medically stressed situation in Indiana, they are experiencing an outbreak of HIV due to dirty needle sharing, another crisis that we are apparently ill-prepared to deal with, defunding Title X should not even be on the agenda. Indiana is a red state, but dangerous outbreaks don’t respect ideological divides, HIV doesn’t care if you are republican or democrat, single or married, if you shared a dirty needle, you will get the virus. Moreover with Texas closing so many of its clinics, what are the poorer women and their families supposed to do? Planned Parenthood provides cancer screenings, pap smears and birth control options, without these services we will have future medical emergencies and crisis discovered too late. If the Republican Party were truly the party of fiscal responsibility, they would know that prevention and education are the biggest cost savings, implementation of these measures demonstrate real fiscal responsibility. What the Republican Party proposes runs counter to responsible economic management, we need to flood our congressional representatives with emails telling them to leave Title X alone.

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