Elizabeth Warren: The Tuition Is Too Damn High

I agree with Senator Warren, the tuition is too damn high, however we need to not only invest in our students by having low cost higher education, but we also need to uncover the many reasons that lie behind the 300 percent increase of college tuition across the board. We need to investigate why universities felt the need to establish a bureaucracy that rivals any other at the expense of professors, the outsized sports stadiums, the outrageous student centers and the insane amount of debt that our educational institutions have hidden away in their fees structures and tuition packages. Students are not only paying for their own debt, their debt is also paying the universities debts that they loaded onto their campuses to lure every single high school student. It is a vicious cycle, the competition between universities, between students with an uncertain future at the end of the road. Senator Warren has been and continues to be an invaluable champion for our students and we have to heed her warnings and her counsel. The trillion dollar student loan crisis isn’t something that is to be ignored. We have to act and soon.

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