Obamacare Repeal Would Swell The Deficit Even Using GOP’s New Math, Budget Office Says

There is no escaping the simple fact that the Republican Party doesn’t want health care coverage to ever be considered a right. It shouldn’t be surprising, they have never considered Social Security to be a right either, the notion that every retiree should have the right to dignity in their golden years or that Medicare should be a right to accompany their retirement, that is anathema to their ideological sensibilities. No, instead the Republican Party wants everyone to pull themselves up from their bootstraps and fight for every morsel in some moral masochistic struggle for survival. The Republican Party speaks out loudly against Darwin’s thesis on evolution, but when it comes to its application to social issues, they are its biggest proponents. I do appreciate the irony that their handpicked conservative economist to head up the C.B.O using their preferred method “dynamic scoring” still comes up short when it comes to feeding the Republican Party what they want to hear. At this point the Republican Party needs to come clean about the Affordable Care Act to the American people, they do not want it to succeed, not because it is fiscally damaging to our economy, the facts clearly do not support that argument, but rather because they do not want the American people to see our government as an agent of good, an agent of support, an agent of opportunity, an agent of possibility, an agent of trustworthiness and lastly an agent of community. Our government was shaped to be of the people, for the people and by the people; our government is an expression of our will, why shouldn’t it be there for us when we are retired, when we are ill, when we need national security, when our children need schools, our neighborhoods need protection and our infrastructure needs building and maintenance. The Republican Party seeks to do away with our shared communities, our public commons in all of its expressions, all for the privatization and eventual profiteering of a few. We can do better than that, we must and we should embrace our common interests together so that the broadest swath of individuals can succeed. Isn’t it about time that we evolve from the shackles of “free market” capitalism into something more civilized?

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