Nikki Haley Calls For Confederate Flag To Be Removed From South Carolina Capitol

I never understood the South’s attachment to the Confederate Flag. I realize that I am born and bred in the Northeast, a first generation American and I have spent all of my summers in Europe, which informs my worldview and has shaped my sensibilities regarding economic policy and human rights. Nostalgia is something I understand, but when one is nostalgic for the times when your wealth was only possible because you exploited other human beings, I can’t understand that at all. There is no other way to explain the South’s pre-civil war society, but as one economically fueled by human slavery and without that labor at no cost, the South couldn’t continue their way of life after the Civil War. To this day the South is reliant on federal aid, for every cent they send to the treasury of revenue, they take back much more in federal aid as opposed to the North that sends many more pennies than they receive from federal government in aid. Moreover the Confederate Flag was a direct symbolic companion to each of the state’s declaration for secession, each and every declaration stated that slavery was an integral part of that state’s way of life and that the federal government, by not honoring the state’s right to keep slavery as an economic tool, gave them no choice but to seceed. The Confederate Flag is a treasonous flag, there is no other word for it, nostalgia doesn’t belong here, choosing to honor a flag that was planted in soil painted red by blood only to sustain a way of life dedicated to keeping blacks as slaves is morally wrong and unambigurously so, the day that the Confederate Flag is taken down will be a good day indeed.

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