Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide

I wonder what the Republican Party’s field of presidential candidates will do with this bit of news. As we have seen with the ruling yesterday in favor of the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Party is still determined to fight against the law both by taking the time to call for a formal vote in order to repeal and with their own lawsuit against the law “House v Burwell” so what lies in store for marriage equality in deeply Red states? The times, they are a changing, the question is can the Republican Party change alongside with them?  We have seen the Democratic Party slowly come around towards acceptance, the younger generation hopefully will be able to do the same to the Republican Party eventually. I say hopefully because if prejudice is any indication, just because one is young, it doesn’t automatically mean open-mindness and acceptence are character traits, we have seen many hate crimes perpetrated by young persons against LBGT persons, against other minorities, hate crimes aren’t crimes committed by older people alone. I applaud the liberal arm of the Supreme Court for recognizing that love doesn’t discriminate;  love is one of our most powerful and wonderful emotions. Here is to love for everyone.


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