Supreme Court Rejects Obama’s Drive To Cut Mercury Emissions From Power Plants

Apparently in the rarified atmosphere of the Supreme Court, the conservatives do not fear breathing toxic air or drinking foul water, so why would they deem the health benefits of rational regulations to be appropriate for the masses; once again an example of how economic elitism divorces one from the worldview of the many. I am so disappointed that the E.P.A lost this case; especially since we are finding out more and more about the longterm harmful effects of airborne pollution, there are now links found between air pollution and autism, dementia and Alzheimer’s, heart disease and of course all types of chronic lung disease. Our healthcare system is one designed around a profit margin so in effect, the costs are doubly borne by the public and since when is it in the public’s purview to shoulder all of capitalism’s costs of doing business? When did the idea of big risks reap big rewards become obsolete? It should never be the public who bears the responsibility of paying for companies who are manifestly lazy and irresponsible, I wish more legislators felt as strongly about government’s role in protecting the public good against corporate greed as Teddy Roosevelt did in his day and as Bernie Sanders does and fights for presently. As it is, our society is getting sicker and more obese as the years go by and how long are we going to deny that pollution is a huge source of these dangers? The Supreme Court’s decision has made it harder, I hope that we will elect more progressive lawmakers next election cycle who will perhaps intelligently create legislation and regulations with more teeth and less wiggle room so that they aren’t torn down later on in future court battles. One can only hope and dream.

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